Causes of Insomnia

What can make a competent person to prevent spelling errors? For example, when during the search the world wide web called the Internet, we will make the request, and write the word "insomnia", or "how to get rid of insomnia". All the circumstances and not to transfer. The situations are different, most likely, there lies the true cause. You begin to notice difficulties while falling asleep, frequent night waking? And all this lasts a few weeks, maybe months?

The grounds for the development of insomnia is the permanent strain, induced by stress, excitement, and without reason, problems at work and in your personal life, a long reflection. The sleep disorder can be a symptom of hidden depression with feelings of sadness and fear. Sleep disturbance leads to more stress. It is a vicious circle, out of which without the help of a specialist is not.

Treatment of insomnia, having the character of insoluble at this stage in life problems, often trying to independently hypnotics. During the period of validity of sleeping pills, the brain is forced to slow down and is a short period relief. The problem acquires the status of chronic insomnia that could lead to the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension.

And here difficulties arise at the stage of selection of the correct drug. Not all sleeping pills can help in the treatment of chronic insomnia.

Expert assistance will render the sleep doctor, dealing with sleep disorders. A thorough survey and examination of the patient, data of additional methods of investigation help in the diagnosis.

Given the clinical situation, may require a course of treatment lasting longer than 4 weeks. The drug must have a minimum of contraindications and side effects, do not cause the development of dependence, and in the case of premature termination of the drug to cause a syndrome "cancel". Do not give a strong impact on memory and attention.

Most of these requirements are new drugs nebenzodiazepinova of several So-called Z-drugs (e.g., Sanval). Hypnotics of this group contribute to the normalization of the phase structure of sleep, so are the drugs of choice for the treatment of both transient and chronic insomnia.

The main cause of insomnia


Absolutely all processes in your body are controlled by the brain. Your brain cells receive information from all organs and systems, analyze this information, develop the necessary response, and transmit the appropriate orders to the various organs of your body through the nerve cells.

Insomnia (like any other neuropsychiatric disorder) is caused by a combination of various factors. These factors lead to malfunction of certain parts of the brain and disruption of neural connections. In other words, the brain stops giving the "right" orders for your nervous system to work properly, which leads to insomnia and then to the more serious consequences that were noted above.


We often say that man does not suffer from insomnia, we say "suffering". And it really is a very painful condition that lasts more than one day, and sometimes several months or a year. Without airman can live approximately 5 minutes, without water for a week. Prolonged sleep deprivation is extremely hard to bear man and a very prominent "Champions" were able to survive without sleep for 7-10 days.

According to statistics, the average healthy person to sleep requires 6-10 hours. Sleep is a special state of the brain in which the processes capture both the nervous system and other body systems. Currently, it is believed that sleep is not a passive state necessary for rest.

Man gives sleeping nearly a third of his life, but all of us, when faced with sleepless nights and for this reason, everyone has their own. You cannot sleep because of obsessive thoughts or physical pain, Wake in the night due to frightening dreams or the natural needs of the body. Insomnia is a disorder associated with difficulty falling asleep/dissatisfaction with sleep duration, lack of quality sleep is necessary for normal health of the person.

By origin distinguish primary and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is due to the personal psychophysiological characteristics of the individual and excludes the presence of somatic, neurological, psychiatric, medical reasons.

Secondary insomnia occurs in provoked, any disease, background.

For the duration of the flow can be divided into:

  • Transitory (acute) insomnia (up to 1 week).
  • Short-term (acute) insomnia (lasting 1 to 6 months).
  • Chronic insomnia (lasting 6 months or more).

On the severity:

  • Weakly expressed,
  • moderate severity,
  • pronounced insomnia.

One of the defining characteristics of insomnia is required for diagnosis are:

  • complaints of poor sleep and/or poor sleep quality
  • sleep disturbances observed at least 3 times a week for a month preoccupation with sleeplessness and its consequences (night and day)
  • poor health and reduced efficiency, due to the unsatisfactory length and/or quality of sleep.

If You note in yourself the signs described above should contact a doctor for advice.

Today the "gold standard" in the treatment of insomnia are the Z-drugs (e.g., Ambien, Zopiclone, Restoril), they have high efficiency and minimum side effects.

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